How Crosstech Partners Can Work With You

A Flexible Team of IT Developers & Project Managers

Crosstech Partners allows you to have an additional development team on call, predominantly with high quality Office IT developers, and that manages itself in line with your directives. More importantly, at an extremely cost effective price.

Typically this team will work in tandem with with your existing IT department, who will probably be thankful for the help. After all, your IT team is usually working on large issues such as IT strategy, data warehouses, or removing infrastructure bottlenecks, and probably has no interest in the minor issues of, say, small databases, Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheets, Outlook templates, or even high quality business presentations.

Nonetheless, your business and your customers demand high quality tools, and these usually require a high degree of knowledge and specialisation. Each new generation of software releases from Microsoft, for example, requires another significant knowledge investment. But instead your middle-office and operations teams are drowning under the day to day issues of manual data entry, let alone trying to catch up on software that is ancillary to their remit.

Moreover, your business is missing out on insights that come with better data capture and organisation. You'll probably even find your staff get a morale boost from doing less donkey work, and instead providing more value-added analysis. And you'll probably find your customers will love working with you, because the improved quality of your systems allows your people to be confident with their data and professional with their presentation.

With Flexible Costing And Excellent Value

The problem is that buying in a development team is usually a significant expenditure. It would be nice to have a small, 'just-in-time', cost-effective development team that can be brought in on a flexible basis. That is, when you need them, when there is a job to do. For example, develop that small database, streamline some existing reporting processes, create new management information tools, work on a website, or produce a cutting edge presentation. Or even, have a guru provide some teaching to staff to improve their skills with the software.

This problem is exacerbated by having expensive add-on consultants and project managers. Well, the good news is that with Crosstech Partners you can normally have a developer and a project manager for the price of one. That is, we provide you with a highly-trained project manager, who oversees the development on your behalf. Their job is to keep your project on track and on budget. They iron out the problems, so that your staff have minimal disturbance. And because our project managers have extensive experience, they usually know better than your staff how to manage the job.

How Does It Work

Crosstech Partners provides a team of qualified developers from around the world. Our developers live in areas where they don't have a high cost base. Which means Crosstech Partners are able to pass on these savings to you, to help your business's competitiveness. Our project managers, on the other hand, are typically local to your business. Which means they can visit you, and keep you or your staff personally abreast of the development. As a result, you get a truly cost-competitive, flexible, high quality team of developers as your project partners, and a project manager to keep it on track.

Lastly, when the project is finished, your flexible contract developers often move to another company. Crosstech Partners, however, keeps our developers on call. So if you need maintenanace later, or additional add-ons for the project, we call our developers back in and pick up from last time. This means less time wasted on picking up from where the last developer left off.

The end result: improving your staff's productivity just got a whole lot easier.

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