How Crosstech Partners Can Work With You

We typically build office tools that help your staff's productivity, free up their time, provide greater insights, and allow your business to better service its customers.

We normally provide you with a contract developer and project manager for the price of one. They work in tandem with both your IT staff and your in-house office staff.

Our project managers use their extensive experience to keep your project on track and budget, and keep you informed on a weekly basis. Our developers are both local and offshore based, with proven track records of successful development. They provide you with continual, agile-schedule iterations of the project to give you the knowledge and confidence of development progress. And after the project is over, they're always on call when you need them again.

We think you'll enjoy how we bring benefits and leverage to your business.

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Current Services

Crosstech Partners currently sources and provides developers and project managers to deliver services in the following areas:


Access, MySQL, SQL Server, PostgreSQL


Excel, Google, Open Source (financial, data, user-interface)


Powerpoint, Prezi, Google, Open Source

Content & Reports

Finance & Industry, Web Content

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